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I should, so get in touch over at Contact .

I was approached recently by Ampersand Commerce Ltd. and was asked if I would be interested in building and integrating into WordPress their responsive redesign for their new company website. And so I did that, and now it’s all up in your internetz.

It’s nice to take on coding-only projects occasionally as it lets you focus completely (or at least mostly) focus on the mechanics of the website, rather than the aesthetics. The Ampersand redesign was notable in that it’s probably one of the most complicated WordPress websites I’ve built in that it relies heavily on newer WordPress features such as Custom Post Types and Featured Images (actually MultipleFeaturedImages – which is adapted from a plugin) as well as the old faithful but incredibly useful Custom Fields.

As one of the reasons for their redesign was to make the site responsive and because time is always in short supply in any project big or small, I opted to make use of the excellent front-end toolkit provided in Twitter Bootstrap to help the process more manageable.

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