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Chuck Norris can win a game of Connect Four in only three moves.
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The Case for CSS-in-JS

CSS-in-JS is the practice of utilising the power of JavaScript to dynamically generate and better organise your application’s CSS. The concept has gained traction over the years due to the popularity of UI frameworks / libraries such as React, Angular and Vue. What is it? Please use an analogy Once upon a time, there were … Continued

Fixing Google Crawl Errors with AWS S3 hosting with CloudFront CDN

Ugh. I truly hate Amazon Web Services. Sure, if you’ve got 20+ years of Network Admin experience, 9 Cloud Computing Master’s Degrees or just general good sense and an endless amount of patience, AWS will be a breeze. If you’re anything like me (impatient, easily-confused, and quick to anger) then AWS can be the stuff … Continued

Otee – HTML5 Game

Inspired by the likes of Indie Game: The Movie and Noclip, I’ve recently decided to have a go at designing and building a basic HTML5 / WebGL game. Luckily the Phaser library gives a huge amount of help in getting a basic game up and running, taking care of a lot of the physics and … Continued

Santa vs. Krampus – Deathmatch

For a fun Xmas task, the folks at Code Computerlove were challenged to make something fun using SVGs (and probably some JavaScript). My entry to the challenge was a simple fighting game in which Santa takes on his yuletide rival, Krampus in a winner-take-all-battle-royal. The site uses JavaScript (and specifically Web Animation API) to animate … Continued – Live

With this new project I’ve decided to keep things simple and create a clean, sweet-smelling website to show off… me. is a purposely slimmed-down and easy to navigate promotional tool that allows the user to move between pages smoothly using PJAX and CSS animations. The main visual concept is about breaking myself down into … Continued

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