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Chuck Norris can cut through a hot knife with butter.
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Qwota 3 – Live

Recently I’ve spent some time redesigning and rebuilding my quotes website: to allow for improved UI/UX. Qwota itself is a simple ‘application-style’ website that allows people to add their favourite or most inspiring quotes from a film, a song, a book, a poem, tv… pretty much anything. Each quote comes with further information about … Continued

Fun with Canvas – Creating James Bond Intro

Duh duh, duuuuuum, duh duh d-duh duh duh! …and so on. Recently I’ve been looking to try out a few things I haven’t had chance to before, and playing with Canvas seemed like a fun idea. There’s incredible stuff you can do with Canvas & JavaScript, and this probably isn’t it, but it does shows … Continued

Playing with CSS Drawing & Animations

I’ve been playing around on CodePen again recently, and decided to try my hand on some CSS drawing and animations. Actually, the first animation I did was some ants exploring a magical sugar cube, and rather than drawing the ants themselves I used an SVG (nature is tough to draw). Ants Animation You can see … Continued – Live is the online art portfolio for, yes, Lauren Rickards – and is now up and alive and running about around the webs. Lauren is a budding artist / creator based in the North West of England. She’s currently studying Art & Design in St. Helens and is hoping to go on to study at … Continued

100m Sprint (Sass / jQuery) Experiment

Inspired by the Rio 2016 Olympics I started playing around in CodePen and ended up creating this little 100m Sprint simulation. The experiment makes use of both Sass and jQuery random functions to generate a realist (kinda) run across the screen to the finish line – with each race ending in a different result. The … Continued

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