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What I did

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript

Working at Code Computerlove, I was tasked with building a fun tool to help promote The Co-operative’s Travel Insurance services.

Working from the design, copy and concept from Code, and the illustrations from Jane Bowyer I built a site which seamlessly (hopefully) takes the user on a journey from their computer screen, smartphone or tablet on a hot air balloon to one of 30+ locations, based on the direction and speed in which they wish to travel.

The site uses experimental (at the time of launch) Web APIs to allow the site access the user’s Geolocation, Device Orientation and Microphone. If the user’s device supports the APIs, the user can point themselves in a direction, blow into the device’s microphone and the site will calculate the direction and velocity and animate the user to a location such as New York, Milan, Paris, etc. etc.

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