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I recently realised that a worrying number of clients I’ve worked with this year have been tardy with their invoice payments.

This is nothing new, all freelancers have to go through the stress and annoyance of having to chase up late or non-paying clients, politely emailing and patiently waiting until the client decides to kick themselves into gear and clear their invoices for the all the hard work you’ve done for them. But what happens when they don’t?

If you’ve exhausted all methods of solving the issue amicably (i.e. friendly reminders, reissuing the invoices, alternative payment schedules, phone calls, etc.) it may be time to get tough.

So, today I’ve created the Crumbs theme – a free WordPress theme and/or static placeholder to be uploaded onto the clients server in place of their current website they have not yet paid for.

Crumbs aims to politely take down their website with no detrimental impact on their should-be-paid-for theme or website. As soon as the client has cleared their outstanding invoices, the Crumbs theme can be quickly and easily removed, just a click or two.

I’ve uploaded the theme onto github where people can download or branch or do whateverthehelltheywant, really.

I hope it helps.

View Crumbs Theme


2 responses to “Crumbs theme – ‘A placeholder for payment’

  1. I think this is a great idea I got so fed up waiting on one of my clients I just pulled it down, I stuck it on my server so it can be seen on my portfolio.

    Your Crumbs theme is the future….. 😉

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