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Today you may have dragged yourself back to your day job after living it up over Xmas and New Year (I hope you had a good’n).

As many people do, I’ve set myself some goals to achieve in 2013 both in work-time and spare-time.

Outside of work I’m hoping to complete my first (and possibly last) marathon run in Manchester in April, which means I need to get running RIGHT NOW. I also hope find the time further improve my perpetually below-average guitar playing skills after improving slightly over the last few months. I also need to make sure I manage my the work-time and spare-time better, keeping a healthy balance.

In work or work-related time, I need to continue to improve my scheduling and time-saving skills, making sure I keep myself motivated to get the best out of each day (I’ve bored friends and family over Xmas with how amazing and useful Google Docs / Drive can be in everyone’s daily routine and beyond).

On the subject of Google, I can’t stress how useful Google Reader can be for gathering really awesome articles on whichever subject you’re interested in, particularly in my case keeping me abreast of the latest goings on in the digital word (as well as keeping me up to date on my fave film and music web-casts).

One of the longer term goals which has been rattling around in my head for a while which I’ve yet to find the time to act on is to properly learn and experiment with JS WebGL development and animation. I’m going to read through WebGL: Up and Running by Tony Parisi and hopefully get me going on building a small WebGL game that has gestating in my brain chambers for years.

Anyhoo, January is a great excuse to re-evaluate where you’re heading and how you’re doing it, the trick is keeping motivated and excited about what you’re doing. I wish you (and myself) the best of luck!


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