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Adding cropping support for WordPress medium thumbs

If you’re making the most out of WordPress’s media gallery for adding images and auto-lovely thumbnails to your site, you may notice there’s no option for cropping your medium sized thumbs. As of WordPress 3.0.2 and earlier, only the WordPress Thumbnail image property includes the functionality to crop the image down to the exact dimensions … Continued

Auto update WordPress plugins on localhost XAMPP on Mac OSX

Coming from a mainly PC background I rarely had any problems setting up a local version of a WordPress install through XAMPP, however, doing the same on a Mac seems far more problematic. The problem comes when trying to auto-update my local WordPress install along with its plugins on my Macbook (OSX 10.7.3). WordPress would … Continued

Removing inline img dimensions for responsive WordPress websites

This handy code snippet hooks into WordPress’s image_downsize function and removes the hardcoded img attributes width & height, allowing images to scale with responsive websites: In your functions.php file… /** * This is a modification of image_downsize() function in wp-includes/media.php * we will remove all the width and height references, therefore the img tag * … Continued

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