Xmas Hack – Auto Trader Covoider


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Maybe, who knows?
I should, so get in touch over at Contact .

For the 2020 Auto Trader Xmas Hack, a few of us decided to throw together a fun little HTML5 / WebGL game.

The game is Covid-themed, and does the public service of reminding us all to keep a safe distance from co-workers while in the Auto Trader offices.

It uses Phaser 3 (in TypeScript) as well as Tiled to replicate the Auto Trader office layout.

Our team managed to split out the tasks successfully – some creating the game map, some handling the ‘enemy’ movement, some handling core game features and character movement and some of us sourcing some awesome open-source graphics and music.

Although we just missed out on the vote for 1st place, we were all happy with what we’d managed to build in a couple of days, particularly as most of us hadn’t used Phaser before.

Play the game here!


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