I Created
the internet *

* No I didn't.

So, what do you make, then?

  • WondrousWebsites

  • GloriousGames

  • AwesomeApps

Sounds very nice... but how?

  • Creativity


    You gotsta have the spark to have the ideas to create, or something
  • Smarts

    As Einstein said: dude, you're like, way smart
  • Love

    Love is all you need. As well as food and shelter and stuff
  • Perspiration

    My flat gets very hot in the summer and I sweat like a champ
  • Magic

    Did you see those Now You See Me movies? Awful
  • Good-Looks

    It's true that I am a beautiful, beautiful man

But Like, What Do You Actually Do?

  • Design

    UI/UX design is so dang important, without it your users will struggle
  • Logos

    Why explain who you are when a nice logo can do that

    The core building blocks of a web page
  • TypeScript

    TypeScript adds strict types to avoid bugs
  • React

    Helps to build fast, interactive interfaces for your users
  • Next

    Takes static websites and renders them on the server for speed and SEO