GhostHorses Rebuild

GhostHorses Rebuild

There was a time where I'd rebuild GhostHorses about once a year, but these days I'm super lazy (and/or have other projects to focus on) so it's been a good 6 years since this here website got any attention.

6 years is about 15,000 years in Front-End Development, so it's been nice to implement more modern features into the site, hopefully setting it up for easier maintenance and improvements in the future.

So what's so shiny and new? Well, everything. I'm stripped away probably 70% of all the animation and sparkles from the previous version (which is kinda sad), but this new version is about 90% lighter and 200% faster (I haven't actually looked that up, but let's just go with it).

This is the first version of this site that hasn't been built on WordPress in a long time, which has been quite freeing, but it also reminds me of how much good stuff ol' WordPress gives you out of the box. Much props to you WP.

Anyway, here's a breakdown of the tech used for this version of the site: