Xmas Hack '21 Game Screenshot

Xmas Hack '21 - Superspreaders

For the 2021 Auto Trader Xmas Hack, a few of us decided to throw together a fun little HTML5 / WebGL game using the Phaser 3 framework.

As Covid is still very much prevalent, we decided that we should (once again) create a game based around preventing the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Hopefully next year we can choose another topic...

With any hack, time (or lack of it), plays a big part in everything - so we quickly split the game tasks between us. I worked on the main gameplay, UI and general 'flow' and others worked on creating other game functionality, illustrations and sourcing game audio. One team member even created a High Score board which helped create competition in players (and of course someone immediately hacked it).

The game was quite well received and we got 3rd place overall; plus we learned a bunch of stuff along the way.

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