Doop - A Puzzle Game

Doop - A Puzzle Game

Doop is a simple puzzle game built using React/Redux. The tagline is: ‘Stack and swivel to succeed’ – essentially this means the player must stack layers and rotate them to solve the puzzle!

A downside of my previous game, Noodled was that it required a lot of work to create and test a single game, and have it work correctly over all device sizes. Doop instead leans more into the mathematical side, allowing new games to be created more easily. Currently it has 30 games, all increasing in difficulty. The game also makes use of randomisation, meaning the game won’t be the same twice (at least, it’s unlikely).

Doop is built to work across all web platforms, and also works as a Progressive Web App to allow you to install and use like a regular native application.

To keep track of your best results, Noodled uses HTML5’s localStorage to save your best efforts, allowing you to compete with yourself in future.

Can you claim all the stars?

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