Lazy Golf Screenshot

Lazy Golf

Everybody loves golf, right? (...right?). Well, even if you're like me and don't know much about it, we can agree it's a fairly simple thing to make a game out of. Ball goes in hole. Done.

Over Xmas I decided to again play around with Phaser 3, but this time use the MatterJS physics engine for the gameplay (physics is important in golf, I think).

I decided to make the game as simple as possible (I'm too lazy to create nice graphics) so it's a monochrome, hit-and-hope game you'll get the hang of in about 5 seconds.

Given how fun it was to build (OK, so it's only a few holes/courses at the moment) it made me want to get back into C# and Unity game creation (which admittedly I know very little about) - so I'll maybe add a few more courses to this then focus my spare time on learning Unity stuff.

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