Noodled - Game

Noodled - Game

Noodled is a simple puzzle game built using React/Redux. The aim is to ‘use your noodle to de-noodle the noodle’ which is a stupid way of saying ‘make the pieces fit’.

At the time of posting, there are 10 levels of varying difficulty – easy-to-hard – and you have a maximum of 60s to reorder the puzzle. This is often a more difficult task than you might think, as players need to be able to visualise the final pattern before being able to complete it.

Noodled is built to work across all web platforms, and also works as a Progressive Web App to allow you to install and use like a regular native application.

To keep track of your best results, Noodled uses HTML5’s localStorage to save your best efforts, allowing you to compete with yourself in future.

Can you claim all the stars?

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