Qwota (now v0.3) is an experimental website that collects and displays the bestest quotes in popular culture.

The site is built from a mix of different open-source software, frameworks and plugins.

The concept behind Qwota is to provide a method of collecting and displaying people’s favourite and most inspiring ‘one-liners’, whether that be a lyric from a song, a line from a film, a snippet from a newspaper or just… anything that excites.

Each quote comes with further information about who said it, when they said it, and hopefully a interesting link to where people can find out more information on the text.

Also, as a finder’s fee, contributors can include their own name and website address to each quote they add. If people like and decide to vote for their contributed quote, then they and their quote can sit pretty at the top of either the Popular Quotes or Top Contributors leaderboard.

Qwota was made using WordPress, Bootstrap 4, Sage, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Isotope, and with some help from the kindly Stackoverflow community..

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