Stop at Nothing screenshot

Stop at Nothing

I've created another game! And this time, it's basic enough that I've actually finished it (kinda).

Stop at Nothing is a remake of a very basic game I made years ago, but this time it adds a bunch of server-side stuff to allow for a competitive leaderboard to be created, so players can compete against themselves and others.

The game is as simple as I could possibly make it - it's a reaction game, a countdown timer starts, and you've got to stop at nothing (000:000). That's it.

You earn points by how close you are to the target, and you'll get a lot of points if you nail it perfectly.

On the technical side, the game is built with:

  • Next/Vercel
  • React
  • TypeScript
  • tRPC
  • Tailwind
  • PlanetScale

Special shout out to Vercel and PlanetScale for creating a great developer experience and offering great free tiers for their services.

Play Stop at Nothing